Safety Procedure: Attestation Form

As part of our efforts to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe from the COVID-19 virus, NSJCC is implementing a new safety procedure.

  • In order to attend the NSJCC, a daily health attestation form must be completed within 12 hours of your child/children attending the NSJCC.
  • This form must be completed everyday your child attends.
  • If you forget, there will be a paper version available to you when you arrive at the NSJCC.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back!


An electronic copy of the form can be found here: Attestation Form

Updates for Parking and Masks

Since only 2 families can line up at drop off and pick up, cones have been placed in our designated parking spots to make sure these spots are for NSJCC use only. If you arrive and there is a cone in the spot, please move it and park your car to drop off or pick up your child. In the morning, the staff will move the cones but since pick up times vary, we cannot always get outside to move them.
Do children have to wear masks all the time?
EEC encourages the use of masks for children over the age of 2 but does not require them.
Children in room 4 and 5 should bring masks to school. Masks are currently the best preventative tool for limiting the spread of COVID-19 when physical distancing is not possible.
Children over the age of 2 may wear a mask at the discretion of their parents, to be determined in partnership with the provider.
When not wearing their masks, children must store them in a clearly labeled paper bag. The NSJCC will provide paper bags for all children wearing a mask.
Mask Usage for Staff:
All staff members while caring for children MUST wear a mask whenever 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible. All staff are required to wear a mask or face covering when diapering, comforting children before nap time, feeding, or conducting first aid with a child.

Drop Off and Pick Procedures

We want everyone to be aware of our drop off and pick procedures:

  • If your child is feeling ill in the morning, please keep them home.
  • They MUST be fever free for 48 hours before coming/returning to the NSJCC Program
  • Upon arrival to the NSJCC, please park your car in a designated spot and walk your child to the registration area located at the front entrance
  • Adults and older siblings must wear masks while waiting to check in
  • Only 2 families will be allowed to wait in line, social distancing 6 feet apart
  • Please wait in your car until there is room for you in line
  • During check in you will be asked to fill out a daily questionnaire
  • A staff member will then walk your child to their room
  • The NSJCC has a no entry policy for anyone except staff
  • If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified and you must pick up your child within 45 minutes
  • If you arriving late, please call and a staff member will be waiting for you at the door.
  • At the end of the day, please come to the front door and a staff member will bring your child to you.
  • All children in Rooms 4 and 5 MUST bring a mask with them to use when interacting within 6 feet.

Welcome to the new Parent’s Corner Page of the NSJCC website! Here we will post information for parents, pictures and videos. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Sue Callum or Susan Novak.